Helena Malone

An award winning Irish Goldsmith, Helena has a reputation for contemporary considered design and handmade precious jewellery.


Inspired by literature, people, and natures inherent sense of balance, I am drawn to the textures and layers that complement simple strong lines and curves. I love simplicity and elegance and like to imbue my jewels with a quiet confidence.

All of my pieces are hand-crafted in the Dublin City Centre workshop. Precious stones and metals are ethically sourced. Training in Gemmology enables me to source beautiful precious stones like Diamonds, Coloured Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, Tourmalines and Pearls.
In addition to my collections I work closely with clients to design unique engagement rings, wedding rings and personal commissions.  I often recycle clients gold and stones to make new pieces.
My passion pushes me to challenge classic design and traditional bench skills to the highest standard of design and quality.
Jewellery should never be left in a box.  Enjoy it!