Helena Malone

An award winning Irish Goldsmith, Helena has a reputation for contemporary considered elegant design and handmade precious jewellery.

March 2018 saw her latest award as “Jewellery Designer of the Year” at the Fashion Innovation Awards.

New collections ‘Savage Beauty’ and ‘Celestial Mechanics’ were chosen for Brown Thomas ‘Create’ 2016 & 2017.

Inspired by literature, natures inherent sense of balance, and the encapsulation of small details of our everyday, Helena is drawn to the textures and layers that complement simple strong lines, curves and effects on the senses.

All pieces are handmade in the studio on Wicklow Street, Dublin City Centre using traditional skills.  Precious stones and Pearls are sourced specifically for each piece of Jewellery.
Helena designs bespoke engagement rings, wedding rings and really encourages a personal experience so you get a unique piece of Jewellery.
We continue to recycle and remodel old jewellery to make new outstanding pieces, both from a nostalgic and sustainability point of view.  Remodel your ancestors jewels to make your new wedding rings and cherish the experience.