Amarach Exhibition


Opened in Cork in 2013 in Designworks and also showed in 2014 at SO Gallery, Dublin.

Amárach is an Exhibition of High-end Jewellery by ‘Irish Designer Goldsmiths’ It is about a dual sense of value, emphasizing more than the valuable materials used, but also skilled workmanship and creativity.

Working together on a common theme of depth and beauty, we aim to showcase collections that challenge the public and many misconceived ideas of hand crafted jewellery.

We asked Gavin Friday to present us with a theme.  He cited Louis Le Brocquy's 'Tain Illustrations' based on Thomas Kinsella's 'Tain Bo Cuailnge’ and Mainie Jellet a pioneer and one of the most important Irish Artists who championed the Modern Movement. He challenged us to look at the creation of a link between new and old values that have been forgotten or buried. Incorporating more than monetary value by creating a mood, emotion, and feeling.

For my Savage Beauty piece I examined at the Tain Illustrations and the epic journey therein, the fine line between love and hate, passion and fury.