Throughout my life I have loved creating through different mediums. As a child I loved nothing more than gazing into rockpools, attempting to replicate the colours by painting stones and wandering through the woods fascinated by all the tiny creatures and textures. I took the scenic route to traditional jewellery making, and as a tourist I ended up carving jade in New Zealand.  I was unaware that my tired happy hands had sparked something which would change my life forever. Led by my heart and instincts I changed direction and started to study traditional jewellery making back in 2005. 

My inspiration comes from what brings happiness and positivity…crashing waves, balance in nature, ordinary wonder, the challenges and science in making, intuition, your stories and lives that you want to mark and cherish.
Whether is it a  diamond engagement ring or dramatic pink sapphire earrings, 
the jewellery and pieces I make celebrates these connections.
I use recycled silver, gold, and platinum metal and ethically sourced precious stones and pearls. I recycle my own metal and can remelt, repair and relove yours too. 

My workshop in Dublin has beautiful light and looks out over the rooftops. Using a mixture of traditional and modern goldsmithing skills, it is in that space that I design and create small collections of work.

I love to meet the people I am creating for and to take the time to make a piece they will cherish forever.