Our Address

3rd Floor Atelier, 29 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2


Click & Collect Hours

Tuesday 10 - 6pm
Wednesday 10 - 6pm
Friday 10 - 6pm
Saturday 10 - 6pm

My workshop is appointment only. This ensures that I can dedicate undisturbed time to you to listen, discuss and plan all details for your new piece of jewellery. br>
I have fantastic stockists who have a selection of my jewellery. My collections are always made in small amounts so the jewellery varies from time to time.
Stockist: Stonechat, The Westbury Mall, Dublin 2.
Collections: Rhapsody and Elegance
Kilkenny Design, Nassau street, Dublin 2.
Collections: Savage Beauty and Celestial Mechanics

Use the form below to get in touch to give me a better idea of what you are looking for so I can prepare in advance: